Please review our list of FAQ's that we have put together, however if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at (781) 333-4081.

What do you mean by Go Green, The Only Way?

In our Business Plan, we came to be Eco environmentally friendly by using Green Silicone Dry Cleaning which is an organic product to satisfy our customers. We mean by that we do not use any chemicals or any harsh solvents to dry clean like other cleaners. When we deliver your order, try to smell your clothes, and we are sure you will smell the freshness and the difference with no chemical odors. That difference is simply because your garments were Eco Friendly processed with our sharpest equipments. Also in using the GreenEarth way to dry clean, our work does not release harmful waste into the environment like other dry cleaning stores.

What are the benefits of the GreenEarth silicone cleaning process?
  • No chemical smell
  • Easier to remove stains with water
  • Excellent cleaning performance compared to traditional Dry Cleaning

What are the benefits for the environment and my clothing of the green cleaning methods you use?
  • No PERC or hazardous chemical use
  • No hazardous waste generation
  • No air pollution that will cause Global Warming
  • Reduced potential for water and soil contamination on all levels

Do I have to sign any contracts to use your service?

Not at all! You can use our services as much or as little as you like with no agreement. At Sun Dry Cleaners, we are confident that you will save both time and money and hope to provide you such a level of satisfaction that you will continue to use our services time and time again for your dry cleaning.

How can I let you know about a special request or stains on my garments?

If you have special requests or instructions about stains, please leave us a note or mention the request when you drop off your closth so that we can place a special sticker on them. However once we have your order, our Dry Cleaning Technicians will inspect your garments from head to toe, therefore rest assured that satisfaction is guaranteed.

How do I pay for your service?

You can pay for your order with the following payment methods:
  • CHECK: We do accept personal checks. For any bad checks there will be a $25.00 fee and the next service must be pre-paid.
  • CREDIT CARD: If you are paying by credit card, we will call you and charge your card before delivery. Your receipt will be given to you upon delivery.
  • CASH: Cash is our preferred payment method because it allows us to avoid paying any bank fees which helps keep our cost to a minimum and pass on saving to you. All payment methods are welcome.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes it is. Unlike other dry cleaners, we do not keep any credit card information on file after your tansaction has been completed. Your bank statement will read: Sun Dry Cleaners. We also use the most advanced industry-accepted encryption and authentication technology for all transactions to assure that only our authorized employees can process transactions.
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