Before we talk to you about our services, we just want to let you know that we are honored to work with you. There is something amazing that all our clients have been doing and we would like you to do it too for us. We met through a little piece of cloth, and now many of our business clients seem more like family members than customers. This is a wonderful sensation for us to experience and we appreciate it greatly. Our clients have been non-stop in spreading the word about our dry cleaning service through our communities. They have been asking friends, colleagues, and relatives to join Sun Dry Cleaners. We thank you kindly for your good heart and your kindness in taking the time to share our services with your circles of friends and family.

Say good bye to winter and its snow and bring us your suede or sheepskin boots. We will remove any salt stains from this Winter's weather. 

Our dry cleaning technicians will bring a special care to your garment such as a suit, special shirt etc..., pre-treat spots and stains and restore it to a new life. 

When it comes to laundry, our customer's shirts are carefully inspected from collar to sleeves. We use low temperature water and special soap to keep the colors brighter and minimize shrinkage. Your shirt will be correctly pressed with our finest shirt pressing machine and stay wrinkle free.

We understand that with our everyday busy lifestyles attempting to squeeze laundry into our To-Do Lists is becoming ever so more difficult. We would like to be there to help you solve this problem so that you may not find yourself running out of clean socks and having to go back to the hamper and attempt to find the least smelly pair of socks that you could rewear for the day. Don’t do this to yourself anymore!! We ONLY charge $1.00 per pound. Give us the opportunity to take care of your laundry needs so that every single day you can start your day fresh without needing to worry about your dirtly laundry.

Do not forget your HOUSEHOLD: we can take care of your bed sheets, comforters, fine linens, tablecloths etc… and fold them nicely. You have been working hard, so we invite you to take a break; sit back and relax and we'll take care of your laundry.

Your leather and suede outfits need to be handled by professionals and our technicians know the way to treat them.

Weddings, Christenings, Quinceanera Gowns, Bridals, Communion Dresses and Tuxedos …
One! Two! Three! Electric Slide, then Tchatcha slide, then boom! Boom! Boom, and finally the music has stopped, and the big wedding is over. Often times a bridal gown can be a significant financial investment for that special ceremony and for this very reason many families want to clean and box their wedding attire for future generations to come or simply preserve them for memories. At Sun Dry Cleaners, we understand the importance of that decision and promise to help you with that need. You can trust us to apply a very special care to your very special wedding gown. Our experts take every precaution to protect delicate embroidery, beads and lace during the cleaning process. We can clean it and box it for you so that you can store it in the location of your choosing easily.

A purse can add that extra sparkle and dazzle to a women's outfit, which is one reason why many women spend a fair amount of money on them. Now the problem is that you are all dressed up from head to toe and you let a bad looking bag put you down! No! No! No! Let’s keep’em shiny! We can work with leather, suede or any other material pursue you may have. We will make your purse or bag look wonderful again!
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